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In 2014, it was decided by all academicians from around the world that the INDUSEM annual academic congress will be renamed as the World Academic Congress Of Emergency Medicine (WACEM Congress).

INDUSEM was founded by emergency physicians from all India institutes of medical sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, and University Of South Florida Emergency Medicine in USA, focusing on advanced patient-centered initiatives in education, research and care using institutions of learning in health and medicine across the world.

The first WACEM congress was hosted by all the medical colleges and governmental agencies in New Delhi India from 27 September to 5 October 2015, attended by over 3500 delegates from medical schools, governmental agencies, defense forces, sports arena and countries across the world.

The congress had conferences on sports emergencies, emergency nursing care, violence in the ED and emergency staff wellness, as well as skill development sessions included hands on workshops on resuscitation, airway management, toxicology, trauma and disaster management.

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Welcome to Malaysia! Truly Asia

Welcome to Malaysia! Truly Asia

WACEM22 and TOPCOM22 will be held in a Hybrid Format in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  under the patronage of WACEM (World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine) from 14th to 18th November 2022.

The Pre-Congress Events will be held on 12th and 13th November 2022

WACEM22 will coincide with TOPCOM22

The host institutions of Malaysia are partnering with Ministry of Health Malaysia, MAHSA University (Malaysian Allied Health Sciences Academy),  College of Emergency Physicians Malaysia (CEP) and INDUSEM.

The Week Long World Congress will be encompassing the Theme: RECONNECT & REJUVENATE WITH RESILIENCE.

The Thematic sessions will be bringing together leading healthcare experts, physicians, and doctors from all over the world to focus on the most critical topics in emergency medicine and explore how new advances in technology are enabling better treatment outcomes for patients in this post COVID-19 era.

The conference will include workshops and multiple symposia which will be discussing cutting edge topics in transforming patients’ care starting from the first point of contact with the patient through his/her journey to the hospital.

WACEM is world renowned for providing an outstanding platform for disseminating key scientific and technical information related to emergency medicine, and we are highly confident that the latest edition will serve the needs of institutions and entities in the emergency care industry.

WACEM22 and TOPCOM22 invites academic faculty, practicing emergency experts, medical students, residents, and nurses to present at the congress and also participate in attending the sessions across 5 days.

WACEM22 and TOPCOM22 celebrates the 65 years of Independence in Malaysia.





International Faculty

National Faculty

Hours of Education

Key Focus

Safety is
  • Updates in Critical Care and Resuscitation
  • ED Administration and Patient Flow
  • Toxicology Emergency
  • Shock and Sepsis Management
  • Ethics and Standards for Organ Donation role ED
  • Challenges in ED Nursing
  • Artificial Intelligence and Future of Emergency Medicine
  • Pre-hospital Care
  • Stroke Management
  • Aviation Medicine
  • Cardiac and Vascular Emergency
  • Trauma and Sport Medicine
  • Simulation in Emergency Medicine
  • Updates in Neuro-emergencies
  • Women in Leadership
  • Updates in Biomarkers and Point of Care Tests
  • Disaster Medicine
  • Mortality and Morbidity
  • Building EM Care System
  • Wilderness Medicine

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