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Late Breaking E-Poster


WACEM 2022 e-Poster

  • An E-Poster is an electronic version of the traditional boards, and is displayed on monitor screens 
  • All  E-Poster / awards will be given to the presenting author only.
  • If presenting author is not registered for WACEM22 Conference that E-Poster will not be considered for any award /poster.
  • Your e-poster needs to be prepared in portrait orientation as an uncompressed jpeg file. 
  • The resolution should be 1080 pixels horizontally x 1920 pixels vertically.
  • Make sure your fonts are big enough for people to read. 
  • More specifically, the touchscreens will be 107 cm (42 inch) diagonal size (52.29 cm [20.59 inch] width x 92.98 cm [36.61 inch] high), giving a pixel per inch resolution of 52.45. 
  • The file size must not exceed 1.5 MB. We have an example of a correctly prepared e-poster at the following address:
  • Once you have correctly formatted your e-poster, please email it to  with file name containing your full name eg: RAVIKUMAR.jpeg(please note, if you had more than one abstract number it as RAVIKUMAR1,RAVIKUMAR2). 
  • All e-posters must be uploaded by 10th November 2022. Posters submitted after this date will not be displayed.
  • You will have the opportunity to present your e-poster to a jury of 2 or 3 experts. Once all posters have been presented, the different juries will convene to select the overall best e-posters for BEST E-Poster award.

Sample of E-Poster

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